Monday, December 7, 2015

Crafting Away.....

It's been a long hard road to being an active blogger.  I am so unable to keep up a daily habit it's ridiculous but I will try to add something monthly.  I have been rejuvenated as of late to not only crochet but to knit and even more importantly get back to designing.

I have a stack of designs that have not come to fruition due to health or good old "don't feel like it" in unending amounts.  I never thought that I would get to a point in my crafting life where I would stop all crafting completely but that is what happened this year.  Things come up, feel good goes down, and you find that the thing you love so much has totally lost all of your interest.  I made a concerted to change that after moving this summer. After settling in I hunkered down for some serious crocheting and once I did I started feeling like myself again.  So much so that I also got back so designing, so keep your eyes open for my new designs.

Unfortunately I have broken my number one, all time, cardinal rule:  I started new projects before finishing the current one.  I'm usually a stickler to the rules but at this point in my life I don't really mind have 20 things on the burner.  I am working on a sweater design, knitting a wrap, crocheting slippers, crocheting an afghan, and photographing recently finished designs.  Since I don't feel overwhelmed over it all I figure my brain needs the variety since I find myself getting bored with one thing after a couple of days.  How about you?  Has your crochet and knitting habits changed?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Crochet Confusion, Knitting Know-No

Crochet Confusion
Okay guys, I am officially all over the map with what I am working on.  I was working on original hats for my teenage twin nieces when I realized that I couldn't forget about my nephew.  He loves what I do too and I figured he would like a nice "big boy" hat.  I started brainstorming on that until I decided I didn't want to have leftovers of the yarn from the girl's hats so I went on to design a jewelry line until the yarn ran out.  Well that was no good because the ideas came flooding out, but the yarn quickly ran out.

Did I mention that I hadn't even uploaded the two hat patterns yet?  If you've lost track you're not alone because before I started on any of these projects I had quickly accumulated two duffel bags full of yarn to make this much coveted afghan I have been wanting to make for years.  You know the kind that requires so much yarn that you have to wait for your income tax return to come in before you have the money to buy it all.  So let's see...I was supposed to be making an afghan but got sidetracked and made two hats plus two new hat designs for my nieces which then overflowed into making a new jewelry line and finally a hat for my nephew.  I won't confuse the situation anymore by mentioning I was making two hats for my sister-in-law to be as a thank you gift.

Tell me.  Am I the only one who has suddenly lost all craft sense.  I have always held to one cardinal rule when I started crocheting:  Don't start anything else until this one is finished.  What has happened to me to make me get in such a confusion?  I'll tell you what.  I discovered that someone in my family loves my craft and I lost my mind over the thought of it and was spurred on to create.  The design bug has bitten me again and I'm loving every minute of it; confusion and all.

Knitting Know-No
Please don't close this window when I say that I also got bit by the knitting bug and I just HAD to try to knit socks again.  I figure that I am an intelligent woman and knitting socks cannot be out of the realm of my brain activity.  I just needed to see the steps in action.  There is where the wonderful world of YouTube comes in. I love it so much that I have three channels because I am super detailed like that.  But I figured it out guys!!  So I just had to make at least one.  In the video the instructor repeated over and over that when you get to the heel to turn the tv off, go into a quiet room, and do nothing but that heel.  She said you cannot stop once you start. That when you start you must finish it in one session.  Well I'm a novice and therefore didn't think it was that big a deal when it came to the heel.  You know what I'm going to say next right?  I was watching two amazing movies from my youth which led to my frogging that stupid heel four times.  Whoever said that ignorance was bliss lives in a cave and they certainly aren't knitting socks in that cave.

In conclusion, when you are knitting socks and you get to the heel, know enough to say no to any kind of distractions and when you have promised yourself to stick to one thing at a time it's not a sin if you blow all your rules out of the water.  They don't call it an obsession for nothing.

Happy crafting